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I bought for xmas present so can't rate at this time but can tell you that I thought I bought a Tall - Large t-shirt. Disappointed it is just a large not tall. My son-in-law is 6 feet and I always get tall. Haven't decided who I may give this to for x-mas.
i absolutely love my hat! my face, ears, and neck couldn't be happier! i just wish i would've purchased this years ago!
No es el mismo color dela foto, no me gust
I use the shirts for working purposes. They are strong and lasting.
Great product. Great buying experience!!
I like the fact that the bag has plenty of room, and. I am able to fit everything that I would normally fit when I use a larger bag. The bag can be dressed up or dressed down.
sunglasses!!great choice!
good for round faces, not so big...not too small!!!
the blue galsses look great and aren't that dark.
A great looking and easy to use belt. The friction grip design of the buckle is ingenious.
The wallet was too big and cant get in and out of pocket easily. Waste of money!
Fast service. Excellent product
Fits great!
Really nice. I was not expecting it to be as high quality as it is.
Super thin and not as high quality as I would have expected
sleeves too short
What if a cardholder does not let you pull out your card?

The biggest flaw in this design is the knob which let you pull the cards inside up. Really cool idea and works great EXCEPT it blocks the single card staying outside. They could have made the open of the pocket sidelong to have a grip on the card and maybe it works. Right now, there is no fix to this if you have more than 5 card in the middle pocket.
Also, the back pocket, the cash will pop out half a centimeter to pull out easy, but then the cash's edge will be crushed.

Conclusion, this is a failure. Sorry.
fit just right
nice wallet good price
What is wrong with this shirt?! It has a horrible smell that doesnt go away no matter how many times you wash it or how long you soak it in detergent! In fact, it so contagious that all the clothes that get in a load with this shirt, start smelling the same. It is absolutely disgusting! Its the beast!!!!!

Update: months later smell was still there. Nothing helped. Ended up throwing it away without ever wearing it at all! Waste of money and time!
I purchased this hat for my husband when he has to work out in the summer heat. This is a great hat, it not only shields the sun from your eyes, it also keeps the head cool. he loves it. Great price too!!!!
These are definitely nicer than most $10-$20 sunglasses I've seen. The hardcarse, lintfree case, are a great bonus.

In all honestly, I don't really see the point of most of the lenses. The clear or yellow lens I could see maybe using at night for something, but I'm really only going to use the polarized black lens. Only the black lens are polarized as an FYI.

The glasses do a feel a little cheap in that they make noise when they flex (or specifically, the lenses do). The glasses sit on your noise a little high because of the size of the nose peace. They're comfortable though, and block the light well
It's not a high end brand of fabric yet works well.
I've been through many many different wallets and I think I've finally found "the 1" minimal yet more than functional enough
Too small
Perfect for every occasion!
Right size, right price
It's okay
Bought these for my 13-year-old, who is now wearing "man-size" shoes -- it was time for man-size socks as well. He's wearing an 8 in shoes, so these size 6-12s fit exactly as I had hoped. They are soft with a nice thick cushion with the reinforced toe and sole. They also washed nicely first time around. Pleased with this purchase.
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