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drawing portraits from photos

September 13, 2018 / Create, DIY

What is it about flat surfaces that refuse to stay organized? It’s like I simply cannot resist placing my car keys, junk mail, pocket change and all other kinds of stuff on any desk, dining room table or dresser within reach. The dust bunnies love me, but it certainly makes life messier. That’s why I need a command center.

Even if you can resist the call of clutter (teach me your secrets!), you must admit to the superior organizational powers of command centers. They not only provide a big picture view of your weekly to monthly schedule, but also make for functional and fabulous wall décor. So here are some easy DIY tips for staying organized without sacrificing style.

drawing portraits from photos

drawing portraits from photos

Custom Corkboard Whiteboard and Chalkboard

The centerpieces of any command center are your boards. Chalkboards, whiteboards, and corkboards create a power trio that helps you keep order through the chaos of life. And boards can be beautiful! You don’t have to relegate your command center to your office or mud room. Bright, bold frames can make for a fun look for your kitchen, and classic plein air frames give you an upscaled command center look that will fit right in with your living space décor. The versatility of boards knows no bounds, and with some simple DIY creativity, you can put your personal stamp on them.

Follow these links to start making your custom board: Chalkboard, Whiteboard, Corkboard.

drawing portraits from photos

Custom Framed Chalkboard in white frame

When you hear chalkboards it might conjure up memories of scratching out math problems in grade school. But chalkboards are not just for classrooms! They make for great planning tools and are even better with some accessorizing. One way to plan your days is to use some decorative washi tape to block out days of the week. Measure out sections of your board, cut the tape to fit and Ta-da! Instant freedom to plan out your schedule.

drawing portraits from photos Use colorful chalk to brighten things up, but also to color code events, reminders and meals.

drawing portraits from photos

But wait. If you have a chalkboard, why do you also need a whiteboard? It’s all about the creative brain storming. A blank, white space is absolutely magical for getting your creativity going. Life is hectic and always throwing you curve balls. So, having a place to spitball ideas, write up last minute lists, or even just doodle for a mental break is essential. Whiteboards also look great with colorful frames. Try adding a vibrant picture frame around yours for a luminous pop of colorful coordination!

drawing portraits from photos Whiteboards are easy to erase and not very messy. Hang them low on your wall so your kids can contribute their own doodles or check off their chore list for the week (I’m sure they’ll LOVE you for that).

Custom Whiteboard in Red Frame

drawing portraits from photos

Custom Corkboard

Every command center needs a good hangout spot. Corkboards allow you to keep the clutter off your desk or table and pin up the important stuff. That reminder from your kid’s school, a wedding save-the-date, a lovely postcard from a friend – pin them to keep them in eye’s view throughout the week. Use colorful pushpins to add a little more happy or attach strips of ribbon or twine across the board to use clothespins for hanging.

drawing portraits from photos Use a wide, wood picture frame with a flat profile for your corkboard and you can screw in some cup hooks to the base that are great for hanging keys, necklaces, sunglasses, and more.

drawing portraits from photos

Office with Custom Framed Organization Boards

Now that you’ve got your boards set up, how do you fill out the rest of your command center area? We highly recommend some hanging file folders and other shelving to help you avoid creating a mountain of clutter. But why not personalize the space with family pictures, motivational typography, or your favorite art? You can coordinate a clean, modern look with matching frames, or go for a gallery-wall style eclectic look by choosing a variety of frame styles. Get creative, add some character to your space, and most importantly – stay organized!

drawing portraits from photos Let Mother Nature add her touch to your space – hang some botanical décor around your command center area! Need a cool idea for it? Check out our Operation DIY on creating a picture frame succulent planter.

Are you now in command of your space? We love a good command center. Send us your set up via your favorite social media channel and tag us with so we can marvel at your organizational miracle.

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