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Great quality but a little small.
She likes it
These T-shirts are pre-shrunk and they fit well even after washing. My husband is always looking for pocket T-shirts and they're hard to find these days. The colors of this brand are bright and have held their color through the first 10 washings. I'd buy this brand again.
Great shirt if you need skin protection for mowing all summer
This was purchased for my upcoming trip to China.

Added attached light. Cute idea! lol
Looks like enough room for everything I may carry around with me. Haven't used it yet, but will start filling it up to test it out!
This is the second belt I am buying, the belt is nice but after few weeks of use the belt feels a little loose .
I had no issues setting the time, so far it has been durable
I have two old knitted that I had bought at Kmart in 1994. They are getting old was looking for a replacement. I have severe Asthma! Cold weather and Air Condition can effect my asthma. When I am out I have to cover my mouth and nose or when I work my Job if it is not heated. I need temperature to not go lower than 76 degrees. It will freeze up my lungs and sinuses. An cause Asthma attacks. I ordered this {before Covid 19 happened} to replaced one of my old ones. I doesn't fit! Too tight on my neck or over my head! Not a one size fit all! Not happy with it. Will stick with my old raggedy one along with my mask.
I bought one for my husband and one for my grown son. They both loved them! They are a little pricey but seem to be worth it given the craftsmanship.
I am going to the mountains where it may be snowing so I am glad that I will be prepared to keep my head and face warm.
I am glad that I purchased this product.
Definitely not RFID blocking. I have my badge for my work door sensor in my wallet and it works right through it. But the wallet itself is nice
It does it's job perfectly well, the elastic is tight and great to keep my feet from sweating and smelling.
I understand these are cheap for the price and they actually fit and stayed on well but I got the six pack and each sock has lasted less than 2 times wearing them. After the 2nd time wearing each pair large holes appear in each toe and the socks become worthless. Again, I understand these are a very cheap price and was not expecting a lot of longevity but they should last longer than 2 times wearing them.
Gift for niece
a good cheap pair of sunglasses. they fit well and look good.
I give two stars for the fact it it made it to my residence, but that is where the positives end. The cap in the product description photo led me to believe this thing was somewhat structured and sizeable. The product I received is terribly flimsy and small. I'm not sure my kids could fit this cap without looking like a cone head. Also, the overall quality seems lacking -one side of the fore area sits taller than the other, appearing lopsided when wearing. Also, the mesh is more like netting -absolutely zero rigidity. Most caps I can comfortably wear on the 2nd or 3rd tab of adjustment, not this thing- I let it nearly all the way out and while it fit the diameter, it looks ridiculous because it peaks up at the top and flares at the headband. If this is in fact an authentic Carhartt product, they should be ashamed to sell it. Way way way too expensive for the quality or lack there of. Disappointed.
Good value
Fit right.
Awesome gadget.
ordered, came, husband happy.
Too short. Too tight in the legs, although the waist was true to fit for me.
These are not straight leg, they are tapered.

They’re going into the donation pile.
the belt i received was the wrong size an looked nothing like the photo
This pullover is soft and warm, a great way to stay warm this winter.
My biggest worry was if it was truly white gold. I'm allergic to anything else. I've worn them for 4 days and no irritation, redness or pain. I love them! They come in a 5 pick, each size comes in it's sperate bag. Perfect size and fit. Thank you ❤ Worth the price!
Good quality and comfortable
I think the glasses are great, but they don't fit as well as I thought they would, I have me size frames and it covers fine, buy it doesn't sit as far up as I'd hoped
Arms not able to be adjusted behind ear
Does what is supposed to do, hold gloves and fold flat.
I've been wearing Hanes T-Shirts for years and this is the worst batch of shirts I have ever gotten. A number of them have shrunk, the sleeves are short and to tight. The material, from shirt to shirt is different. I guess I'll move on to a different company from now on.
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