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The tan is really cheap looking: my husband won't even wear it. The gray one we bought is broken after less than 6 months. I'll find another seller for future belts.
Fits okay.
I love these shirts and use them under my work uniform every day. Theyre soft, light and super comfortable. My only issue with them is that they get holes in the armpits very quickly. Otherwise theyre pretty perfect.
Nice pair of quality shorts. Fit good
I loved the colors on the bag so I thought I'd give it a try. Very well made, the rope handles are very sturdy and the colors are just beautiful. It's lightweight but strong and holds enough for my husband and me. I would definitely recommend.
Product looks ok when it first arrived, quality decent for the money etc. However, based on other user reviews that talked about the dye running when new and washed (or when wearing and getting sweaty etc), I decided it would be best to wash it a couple of times by itself to avoid staining other clothes or myself if the dye ran.. After being washed twice on the gentle cycle I removed it from the washer and yes, it had faded.. to a nice dull orange color... Not exactly the look I was hoping for.. So if you are invading a tangerine grove this might be great, but for anything else, its garbage, (which is where mine went without ever being used)
This "showpiece" handbag can polish off an ensemble with just the right amount of glisten and elegance. With just a hint of sparkle and its neutral colors, it can be a subtle look, with an underlying hint of glamor. It appears expensive, however, construction-wise the vinyl materials don't appear to be durable enough for everyday long-term use. So if you plan to use it only occasionally, it is fine.
It has a very nice design but my husband found it very small and stiff. It might be made like this for a purpose but my husband didn't like it. It also doesn't have enough card slots, in my husband opinion again. It's getting returned. : (
awesome wash a few times and have kept their shape
These cloths are excellent for exfoliation in the shower. I had purchased these a year ago and they held up after numerous washings. Purchased again.
I usually have a negative reaction to inexpensive earrings but these are great. I can wear them all day and they don't bother my ears at all.
Husband's report is that these are comfortable & stretchy but supportive all day without needing readjustment. He also likes the variety of color options.
Durable and well built
I purchased a 4 pack of these shirts in medium size for 11 dollars. They fit as expected and the quality is really good (especially for less than 3 dollars a shirt). For this price, its a steal. I liked them so much I ordered them again
Exactly what I was looking for.
Wallet looks great and should eliminate the metal money clip from wearing holes in my shorts and pants!
nice looking gift for my brand conscious daughter! good prce
Really is more comfortable than any belt and you dont even feel like youre wearing a belt!
Can't beat dri fit especially 7 bucks a piece.
I HV mostly used rayben for driving and Oakley for hiking but I wear this most often now. Bought it for sailing and read the waves ripple fine. I don't hv a very big head and it fits well.
great for bedtime footwear
Came with a broken clasp, disappointing.
Beautiful and soft!
I thought these were well-made but was concerned about their durability. One pair now has a hole after a few wearings. I expect this to happen to the others.
Very soft material, comfortable.
The Sorrel is my second purchase. I was so happy with the first, a navy blue, nicely grained purse and it's large capacity. I often must carry a loved one's meds with me along with all the other things that go with having all I need at my fingertips for us both. It has, just off-center of middle, a full lengthe zippered compartment. This is perfect to divide the inside into two other segments, one a bit larger than the other. It also has an inside zipper compartment on one side of the interior, and the two phone/device pouches on the other side. Within the wider area I use an insertable nylon purse organizer. The nylon does not add appreciable weight and is perfect in this purse. Finally, the top zipper, unlike open tote type purses, closes everything in. Nothing is left to drop casually out.
All of that said, it is a beautiful, very functional purse!
Fake, Fake, Fake.
I have the same pair that I purchased from sunglass hut. The frames could be real or extremely good fakes but the lenses are not real. The etching of the RB is crappy and doesn't even compare to the real thing.
My shades fit perfectly in it ! Solid and sturdy; well built and has got nice weight to it; good quality.
Work great to reduce glare at night! Works great alone or over regular glasses.
Love this bag
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